Idea to mobile prototypes in minutes. Zero coding required.

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Hello Everyone, We made Demonstrate so that you can share your ideas and make quick prototypes directly on your iPhone with zero code. Some of the new features include: capturing your paper scribbles and whiteboard drawings via the camera, header / footer lock for scrolling screens, ability to add gestures and easy sharing of projects. More details here At the moment all your projects are saved in Dropbox...iCloud and Google Drive coming soon.
The best I've used. It's a hard thing for all mockup software out there to make it customisable and easy to use which is the reason I keep jumping around with different software. So far this is the best I've used and really give kudos to you guys as it would be one of the harder projects to get right. ๐Ÿ‘Œ
@itsjv best I've used since just starting to play around with it.
Thanks @itsjv. Glad to hear. Also do send in your feedback and suggestions - we want to keep making Demonstrate better
@sonaal only feedback is that I wanted to import screen shots from my current app for my developer and it would not pick up screen shot photos. Small issue as I have the mockups on my desktop. Top notch app.
Demonstrate was first launched in October 2013 and allowed you to showcase or prototype your apps ideas like real apps without writing a single line of code. The updated app has undergone an overhaul and uses native transitions and gestures, header/footer lock to make your paper sketches, whiteboard drawings or even high fidelity screens come alive like real apps. All projects are saved in your cloud accounts. Dropbox is integrated at the moment. iCloud & GDrive are coming next. Easy to share. Others can get your projects as 'Editable' or 'play only' files by simply clicking on a shared link. One project for free to play around. Unlimited projects and screens for just $4.99
No android
Any difference from prototyping apps such as Marvel and Invision? :)
@renzzemistal Marvel and Invision have a richer feature-set and also a web interface. Demonstrate is device only but uses native gestures and transitions to create an almost real feel for an app idea. All projects are saved in your cloud account (like Dropbox) and shared via a link from there. Makes sharing easier and also allows us to work at a better pricepoint compared to monthly subscriptions. That said we are working on making it better with things like iPad support, updated set of transitions and better feedback mechanism.