Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams

#1 Product of the DayJanuary 10, 2019

Demodesk is cloud-based, collaborative screen sharing for sales and success teams.

☁️No downloads or extensions, runs from any browser

🚄>5x faster transmission

👭Instant sharing w/ multiple participants for collaborative browsing and editing

📹 Integrated video calls

🔗Email/calendar & Salesforce integration

📅Team scheduling & booking pages

  • Aazar Ali Shad
    Aazar Ali ShadProduct Experience Layer - Userpilot

    Best part: We don't need download or create another calendly.


    The app could be more Intuitive for the user on the other side.

    We've been using Demodesk since 9 months now. I love the software.

    - The software is robust

    - Never found any problems.

    - Better alternative to Zoom

    - Don't need Calendly

    Aazar Ali Shad has used this product for one year.
  • Shaan Hathiramani
    Shaan HathiramaniFounder, Flockjay (YC W19)

    Fast, smooth, intuitive



    At Flockjay we train diverse jobseekers to launch their tech sales careers. So we prioritize having the best and most efficient tools to teach them the sales cycle. Demodesk is amazing in helping us make that happen. Seriously amazing.

    Shaan Hathiramani has used this product for one month.
Hi Hunters 👋🏻, After months of hard work, we’re very excited to be on Product Hunt today - thanks @katmanalac for hunting us! We started Demodesk with one goal: creating a beautiful, professional and hassle-free experience for customer-facing online meetings. While we love the benefits that available web conferencing tools provide, we found that current screen sharing technology is complex and outdated: downloads required, slow transmission, high latency, bad resolution, unwanted pop-up notifications, potential sharing of confidential data, distracting handling of multiple documents… the list goes on. Instead of sharing the local desktop of the presenter, we set up a virtual screen in the cloud on which content can be shared with anyone by just clicking a link. Benefits are: ☁️No downloads or extensions, runs directly from any browser and with any device 🚄No lags, >5x faster transmission 🖱️Instant control sharing with multiple participants for collaborative browsing and editing 💁🏽Presentation content automatically loaded on meeting start 📹Beautifully integrated video calling We help teams save time, accelerate sales, increase conversion and retention with: 🔗Email & calendar integration (Google/ Office 365) 💵Salesforce integration 📅Booking pages (all features known from Calendly) and team scheduling We have so many exciting ideas and look very much forward to your feedback, thoughts and comments on our first version. We’ll stay around to answer any questions you might have. Please help us building the best software for online customer meetings ✌️ As SPECIAL PRODUCT HUNT OFFER we give 20% discount to any Product Hunter who signs up today (referral code: iamhunting)
@katmanalac @veronika_riederle is there a mobile app or iPad app? And for group meetings, is their vote scheduling? Loving the premise. Also can we charge people for our time in advance on your platform? I'm a growth hackers and charging for consultations are key. Speaking of which, like volume sales?
@brucekraftjr there is no app, Demodesk works out of the box with any browser and device. So if someone would klick on the meeting link on his phone, the Demodesk meeting automatically opens in the mobile browser. Same for ipad. As of now, there is no possibility to charge for meetings in advance yet within Demodesk, but you could redirect your booking page to a typeform that collects the payment (happy to explain the process in more detail - Vote scheduling is on the roadmap for Q1.
@demodesk @veronika_riederle yes i'll email you. absolutely. 😸
Very simple to set up use, product demos run much smoother and faster than with conventional online meeting tools. Clients don't face problems of dialing in, which is what we've seen quite often with e.g. hangouts. We're very happy with it!
@julian_madrzak Thanks for your feedback!
Great product and very nice team! I love the design of the product and it seems very intuitive to use. Excited to see where this project is heading!
@mathias_kl Thanks Mathias! Your praise means a lot to us
DemoDesk is - hands down - the best software for customer meetings on the market. No installations, no lengthy signups, you share just what you really want to and it works great. Our sales calls are frequently with SME's in rural areas, with slow internet, and in many cases the other party was not really a "digital native". Yet, none ever experienced problems using DemoDesk. Great experience overall.
@philarathjen thanks Philipp, that's great to hear!
Working with really difficult and backwards thinking customers (health sector) Demodesk gives us a really nice solution to interact with our customers without always having to go there in person. Conventional tools wouldnt work since IT regulations most of the time prevent our customers from installing 3rd party software. the occasional minor bug occurs, but which software doesnt have those? response and support was always outstanding. We're really happy with the product and wish the team best of luck and success!
@julian_nastkollb thanks Julian, we are working hard to deliver the best service possible