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I've been toying with the idea of making a 'Patreon focused on Tech Makers' and this is a step in the right direction... Interesting for sure! Remember, as a maker, if you got 1000 True Fans to pay you 100/year then you could be making a decent living being a full time maker!
I like the idea but I have two concerns: 1. Will people that submit the "problem" actually follow through and pay? 2. How does DemandRush ensure quality and vet that the solution solves the problem sufficiently? This is also a challenge with any freelance or consulting agreement — peoples' definition of done varies, even when well defined.
@rrhoover I agree on both points. I think in regards to number 1 people who submit problems should be "forced" to pre-pay for it, if not in full at least half of the price. The model here should be much more similar to Patreon as @bentossel is saying. I assume if you really have a problem you must be definitely willing to pay someone for solving it! :) Number 2 is a completely different story, very difficult to solve. Maybe limiting the requirements to a very low fixed number could mitigate the problem. As a maker anyway I would never try to solve a problem that only one person has regardless if it's a side project or not!
This is super interesting! I would love to see a comment section for each idea
Great place to look for ideas for your side project!
@vytasbu here's a short blog post I wrote about this topic a while back
@rrhoover great piece, read that as soon as it was posted! Moar! 😸
Some of these ideas have already existing solutions. It would be ideal to recommend those solutions and everyone one involved will see it both clients and whoever wants to make the product.