Delux Designer

Customisable, shortcut oriented keyboard built for designers

Delux Designer is a tool created for designers to boost work efficiency! Crafted out of aluminum and equipped with mechanical key switches, Delux is the best assistant for any designer.

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Would be really cool if the labels on the keys were little e-Ink displays that could be programmatically set or changed based on which app you're in and which shortcut menu you're on, kinda like this:
What about left handed?
@thyler We will have a survey soon to see the percentage of people who want left handed version, and make further decision based on that, thanks!
Anyone think this would be useful with Sketch?
Did this really need cables though? It's not like you need to worry about latency from bluetooth.
Reminds me of my Logitech G13 (which I use daily for video editing and it’s awesome!)