Delta for Desktop

An extension to the best crypto portfolio tracker on mobile.

Delta for Desktop is the ideal extension for your Delta portfolio on iOS & Android. Scan a QR code & voilà: your data is seamlessly in sync. No need to create an account or anything.

Delta for Desktop has the same core features as on mobile. You have a clear overview of your portfolio & it also features your Watchlist & the new Markets. Enjoy!

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8 Reviews4.4/5
Hi! Nicolas from Delta again! After our successful launch on Product Hunt for Delta on iOS & Android back in October 2017 (, it made sense to break the news that Delta for Desktop 1.0 has released on PH as well. As the description mentions, we've built Delta for Desktop in such a way that it's the ideal extension to our mobile application. We still see iOS & Android as our core product but wanted an extra experience for those that want to be kept in the loop about the coins they own or follow, all the time, everywhere. As adoption increases, we'll look into further expanding & improving our desktop product. So we'd love to hear your feedback & suggestions! Now we're back hard at work on our next mobile 1.8 update, which is planned for release hopefully end of next week. And as teased yesterday already, will feature coloured icons. True innovation, I know, right!? Cheers! The Delta Team ∆
@nicolasvh Is it safe to bet that the Notification Center Widget is in the works? ☺️
@binoyxj Yes, notifications is the biggest thing lacking on desktop right now & it's our main focus for 1.1 :)
@nicolasvh I really love Delta on my iPhone. And I'm happy to see it now on my Mac too. What I hoped to find also was a menu bar option. From where you could get a quick overview of your coins. Something like Piggy (, but then one that does work better. Is that on the roadmap?
@joid Duly noted! :)
@nicolasvh where did the desktop extension go? I can't find it anywhere to download
Quickly becoming the only crypto tracker that matters, great work 👏
@simonflore Thanks man, means a lot! :)
@simonflore Agreed, and from what i've seen over the past couple of months the most updated and maintained!

I actually couldn't come up with any legitimate Cons. Its by far the best crypto portfolio app I've used so far.


Super easy UI, responsive, amazing dev team


Nothing future updates wont solve Im sure :)

I would try it out but it's not possible to use it without a mobile app. Why?


Can't tell, see Cons


Not possible to use without Mobile app

Do you not see the big blue "Download for macOS" button in the hero?
Awesome, Really loved the product. 😻
@abin_jacob Thanks a lot Abin, means a lot to read these wonderful words by fellow product dudes & makers!