Delta 1.5

Now with transferring, syncing, recovery & hide Balances

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Delta 1.5 with transferring, syncing, recovery & hide Balances is available now on Google Play Store for Android and iTunes app store for iOS.

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Knight 
Knight @imknight · Newbie Make | ProductizeHQ | WebhookHQ
Still can’t sync with exchange ?
Marc PM
Marc PM@marcpm5
Great update!! Been using it for a couple months now and I really love it. Any plans on adding a widget or releasing a MacOS app?
Nicolas Van Hoorde
Nicolas Van HoordeMaker@nicolasvh · Co-Founder, ∆ Delta
@marcpm5 Beta is scheduled end of the month! :)
Marc PM
Marc PM@marcpm5
@nicolasvh good to hear! I’d really like to be on the beta
jamesmudgett@jamesmudgett · Product Designer @brave, iOS, kong @path
Fantastic update. I had been deleting the zero balance items and it cause all sorts of accounting issues. Really like the new hide balance feature. This continues to be the best crypto portfolio tracker, for me. Thanks!
Muni Perez
Muni Perez@munipandita · Founder
Man this app is amazing. Really loving it. Clean and simple interface with lots of advanced features. The previous version wasn’t sending me any notifications but now it is working. Great job!
Justin Mitchell
Justin MitchellPro@jmitch · Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat
Delta is by far the best looking crypto app out there. This update knocks it even further out of the park. Huge fan here