Invest your data in the stock market to accelerate returns

Delphia is a groundbreaking investment collective where anyone can invest in the stock market using only their data. By sharing opinions about the world around you and connecting your accounts, Delphia lets you transform personal data into investment capital.
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Hi folks... CEO of Delphia here. After two years of R&D, I'm excited to share that we are finally ready to launch the first ever investment adviser that allows people to invest their data and money side-by-side. All of the data is used for the sole purpose of improving your investment returns.
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This is creative. How much money can someone make via Delphia, @drupeek? Is it based on the volume of information shared?
@rrhoover You can see for yourself by playing with our data calculator on!
@rrhoover It's a combination of the uniqueness of the data you contribute as well as the quantity.
@drupeek @rrhoover to save everyone the time, they project you making ~$100 in a year if you deposit $100 to start and share basically your entire personal dataset.
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@rrhoover @mike_seekwell Not sure how you got that number. A top data contributor stands to earn $1,700/year (after 10 years) from their data – agnostic of any initial deposit. You can use our data calculator on for other scenarios.
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@rrhoover @drupeek I used your own app, see here In that example, you only make $72. Note that I said "in a year". Most people don't think of income in decades.
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Played around with their beta product and so excited for this! Another big product out of Toronto 🚀 What were the biggest hurdle/learnings from the beta to this public launch? @drupeek
@dh9kim Chat UIs are great, but piggybacking on the news is really where it's at. :)
Excited to check this out
Congrats on the launch @drupeek ! Been eager to try this out