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Hey guys, I thought every should have one of these to track how much time you have to live. I think it's a bit silly that our clock ticks on forever when your internal clock only go for 70-80 years... it's how we end up wasting time and letting things slip away. Instead of time counting up, Delphi's time counts down. In other words, it's your time. Seeing your life ticking down has a jarring way of putting things in perspective, allowing you to identify and prioritize what's truly important. The plan and calendar feature is to let you see how daily / weekly activities translate to your life from the wider lens. Again, the calendar is about you - your age, your weeks, your months. Jot down your dreams, and see where they reside. Break them down into milestones, so you can make gradual progress. Inspiration came from an old Steve Jobs quote: "Remembering you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” – Steve Jobs." random fact: this app was literally thought up and built in 10 days.
Neat. Love the idea
@jeffward44 Thanks Jeffrey :)
Really interesting idea. Would have loved to try it out if there was an Android version.
@sinhautkarsh1 There's probably a few countdown timers on Google Play. I'll port this over to Android if people find the app useful.
Hey Dan! Wow, love the user interface... very clean and simple. Could be useful :)
@joan_reyes Thanks Joan :)
Thanks, Daniel. It's a beautiful app. A few things: (1) Plans for a revenue model? Even if it's a passion project, it's meaningful for me as a user to know there's a way to support a project to ensure it's continuation. (2) Plans for extension? Not that it's incomplete, but it seems like a widget or even Watch app with the countdown could passively reinforce the perspective of urgency. I'm speaking as an iOS user, but of course there's a core idea that could be extended to many platforms. (3) Typo on compass intro slide (placement of "that").
@israelvicars Hey Israel. Good points. 1) At the moment, I don't have any plans to monetize this. It's only the 100 bucks developer fee per year. If people want to back this up to the cloud, then maybe I'll think of something. 2) Few ideas, but I'm on the fence. I mainly built this for myself, and I wasn't sure if anybody would find value in counting down the days until they die. If they do, I'll release any additions I make to it. 3) Good catch, I'll get that fixed up!