Deliveroo - Food on Demand in Europe and Asia

On demand food logistics from top restaurants in Europe&Asia

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Sorry, this product was removed from the homepage with this note: Pretty well known and not new. It's awesome though!
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Chema@deambulando · Founder @yclascom @openclassifieds
I see it everywhere here in Barcelona, but honestly to eat a proper steak I rather go 100 times more to the restaurant than eating at home. They are spending so much money and I do not think spaniards are really into it. I mean, burgers, kebabs, pizza, sushi can be ok and easy to transport, but some tapas? come on! go to the bar enjoy a nice chat with people, socialize ;) my 5cts.
Rob Kniaz
Rob KniazHunter@robk · Partner, Hoxton Ventures
The top choice for food delivered in London, Dublin, Paris, Berlin and dozens of other cities worldwide!
Rusty Nash
Rusty Nash@rustynash1
I am a fan of Deliveroo, nice to be able to get food at home that isn't just a standard takeaway. They have even rolled out to my hometown, which I wouldn't have expected.
Jonathan Knegtel
Jonathan Knegtel@jpknegtel · Building
Use this here in Amsterdam, great Customer service :)
Christian Owens
Christian OwensHiring@heychristian · CEO,
Deliveroo is fantastic.