Delivering Happiness

Seeking happiness and making people happy

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Tony Hsieh delivers his story about how he started his own company to seek happiness. How he built his second one and then failed on having a great culture. And how he became CEO of Zappos and with a unique culture, became a leader in his market and it's now a reference. It's a no brainer for me when people asks me what they could read about leadership or culture, I recommend this book.
Ryan Holmes recently did a LIVE Chat and mentioned this book here: Delivering Happiness: Written by Tony Hsieh (the guy who transformed a virtually unknown shoe retailer called Zappos into a $1.2 billion company), Delivering Happiness is full of advice, anecdotes and interesting business ideas.
I think one of the best books about startup culture and customer happinnes. The best are the Tony Hsieh's 10 core values. All the company works with this 10 core values.
Just finished this book and along with Ed Catmull's Creativity Inc., I believe these two books will shape how I conduct myself and build personal and professional relationships. This book teaches us how businesses can be run with passion, how caring for your stakeholders (employees / customers / vendors) and profitability are not inversely proportional as is considered the norm. We just have to strongly strongly believe in doing good and invest in it, and the rest will follow. What is amazing is Tony Hsieh mentions Amazon wanted an all cash deal, but he wanted an all stock deal! That is pure pure passion and conviction in what he wanted in life and truly believed in building the Zappos "family" and brand. This showed that Zappos is not the means to an end, not the journey to a destination but both the journey and the destination. That is how businesses should be built and nurtured - with care and like your child who you don't abandon. This book will definitely guide me in future in my life, on how to run a business, how to be persistent in your beliefs and drive forward with full conviction about being good and doing good.
I do recommend to read this book, I don't believe him 100% on what he wroted in this book but personally I saw the lots of good points regards to the way he lead the company based on Happiness and Customer Satisfaction on upfront.