Live video and screencast to all platforms simultaneously

We deliver live video and screencast streams to all content platforms simultaneously. We support by default live streaming to: - Instagram - Youtube - Twitch - ANY RTMP/RTSP server
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With deliverer you can live stream from both your front facing or back camera directly to your friends or followers. We support LIVE SCREENCASTING -- Everything you do on the screen of your phone is live broadcasted to your audience. Either you are playing games or showcasing an app with deliverer you don't need cables, everything is wireless and the content goes directly to your favourite platforms. PRIVACY -- We care about privacy and we respect yours. No content is saved on the device, or on our servers. As a matter of fact, we do not have any servers, you are the owner of your content! MULTIPLE PLATFORMS - You can live stream to any RTMP/RTSP server or you can easily sign in in your favourite platform and start streaming without any configuration. We support by default: Instagram, Youtube, Twitch, with more platforms integrated to come. Give us a try!
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Really looking forward to the Android version!
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Looks like a very useful product! Good job and keep going :)
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Seems like a great tool for social media managers ✌️
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