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9 secrets to remarkable home entertaining each month

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James Todd is by far the best dinner host I've ever met. He created this product to share 9 of his favorite home entertainment rec's each month. It's one of my favorite purchases I've made this year. For $9/mo or $99/yr, this is an absolute steal! @JamesTodd -- maybe you can jump in and add more detail and background here?
Seconding @delk - James is a master dinner party host. I'm *very* glad he decided to launch this newsletter. Here's an excerpt from the first issue, which is very representative of the overall tone / style / approach: "I'm not a professional food guy. I'm really kind of a regular-everyday-corporate guy. So when I share products and ideas in this newsletter, it isn't because I run a restaurant. It's because I've tested them in my own home (and in others' homes, and in AirBnB's). I've watched them make hundreds of people deliriously happy... The goal of this newsletter is to help you be wildly successful in your home entertaining. What success means to me is that you have more fun in the kitchen, with more consistent results, with less stress, for less money than going to a fancy restaurant. If we can do that together and you feel comfortable breaking bread with people you care about more often, the research says that you're much more likely to be happier. I think that would be great." If you entertain at home, this is an absolute no-brainer.
Thanks, @joshkaufman ! I'm glad that the first issue was entertaining and helpful! Issue 2 is nearly ready, so I can tell you that there's more awesome stuff ahead.
SO honored that you thought of me, @Delk ! This newsletter is the first product I have ever made that people insisted that I do. It came out of several years of hosting dinners in my home and working early in the pop-up dinner craze that has swept many major cities. Each issue has ideas that will help people have more fun in the kitchen, with more consistent results, with less stress, for less money than going to a fancy restaurant. Really excited that you're digging the first issue!
James is a master host. Our business of cocktail consultation gained a lot of fuel through some of the folks who gathered at James' parties! These are connections that have meant the world to us and have propelled us to get where we are today. He definitely has a knack for getting people together!
@pourtaste Thanks, Jon! Can't wait to learn more together. Congratulations on the article featuring E. Harlow Tonic in the Nashville Scene last week! If I told people that it was going to be featured in a future issue of 9 Secrets, it wouldn't be a "secret" anymore... so maybe we'll have to add it as a bonus item for September!
@delk @joshkaufman @pourtaste You have 100% of my attention... do you have any questions about home entertaining that you want me to answer here or in a future issue of Deliriously Happy's 9 Secrets to Remarkable Home Entertaining?
Hey there, everyone! Deliriously Happy is one day late and $9 short today. Here's what I mean... I made a mistake that delayed publication of September's newsletter by one day (tonight instead of last night). What that means is that if you subscribe before 10PM CST tonight you get BOTH August AND September for your first monthly payment (or 13 months for $99 instead of 12 months). That's a pretty awesome deal! 2) There's a book I'm absolutely LOVING right now called Life is Meals by James and Kay Salter. It's worth a purchase (or a library run) if you're into home entertaining. 3) Because of the subscribers from this month I get to make 2 investments that I'm delighted about: First, starting with the October issues, there will be professional photos! Second, at the urging of the brilliant Jennifer Gresham (, every month we will be sending a short video with a free idea to our gumroad followers to help you have more fun in the kitchen, with more consistent results, with less stress, for less money than going to a fancy restaurant. If you were thinking about subscribing, tonight is a great time. Best! James Todd Chief Delighter, Deliriously Happy