Replace the new tab with breathtaking HD videos

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A massive thank you to @adrianleb, @srslnhn, @ne0 and @riklomas for bouncing ideas when Delight was just an idea. Showing HD videos in the browser was technically challenging. Kudos to @jodyheavener for making it happen. Thanks team.
@williamchanner The culmination of the path Momentum set us down all those years ago... Gorgeous. I'm curious: what made showing HD videos challenging? And what should we expect for the next 1 or 2 videos? (Official request: space ;)
@thetylerhayes I think @williamchanner wouldn't mind me saying issues with battery drain on mobile devices. As such I spent a while writing some battery API extras to help only play videos on devices on charge and with more than a certain percent on battery. Means the product really shines through and you don't have to worry on your laptop about sacrificing battery when you need it most!
It is truly delightful, I personally love the small features and details such as the current weather (including multiple locations) and shortcuts to browser pages like history.
@adrianleb haha. thanks bro.
If you want to download the chrome extension straight away - you can do so here
The videos are stunning ✌🏻
We wanted to bring mini screensavers to the browser. Delight features awe inspiring time lapse photography. Replace the new tab with breathtaking HD videos. Including weather and time. We hope you enjoy. Brought to you by