Fully blockchain-based Q&A site

DelegateCall is the first fully blockchain based Q&A site. Earn tokens by posting and answering questions!

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This could end up being the stack overflow of blockchain technology.
What do you see as the benefit of this running on top of a blockchain, instead of a regular database?

You can get your Loom Network DAppChain questions answered on the forum, but also get general Ethereum development questions answered too.


Easy to use question and answer forum hosted by Loom Network that uses the blockchain.



Nice idea, it has the potential to be the main Q&A website of blockchain developers
@aviggiano Thanks! Our interactive code school has become one of the go-to resources for learning Ethereum development, so we decided to build DelegateCall to give our existing community a place to gather and get their Solidity questions answered. Our main product is an SDK for developers to build their own large-scale apps that run 100% on the blockchain. So this was just a side project we hacked on and built on our own tech (it runs totally on its own DAppChain), but our community has been surprisingly enthusiastic about it.
Good concept! Will help the newbies to learn and be active in the community. Is there any plan for APP ?