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Hi! It's Ori from Delegate. It was such a pleasant surprise to find that we were hunted. The new traffic tipped us off :) Thanks @pav_sethi, we appreciate the support and enthusiasm of users like you. Our passion at Delegate is to make life easier, more streamlined and focused on things that really matter. We realize how big the challenge is and are familiar with many efforts that have failed to accomplish the above in the past. Finding the right formula that allows to offer the service at scale means running tons of experiments totalling more than two years of trial and error. We now have a great understanding of what our users expect and are ready to launch a public product in the next few weeks. Stay tuned :) A little bit of background: We recognized that human assistants are not able to deliver high-quality service in different verticals without having an AI co-pilot that guides them towards completing any task in a delightful way. In order to deliver consistently great value in all types of personal and administrative tasks, we trained a neural network that activates both human assistants and AI tools. Our rule of thumb is that each request we solve should be done better (or at least equally well) than what the user could have done on their own. We also put a huge emphasis on seamlessness and minimizing friction for the user. Today, we know how to solve both everyday tasks (appointments, travel, online research, handyman, gifts, deals, etc.) and niche items such as comparing cat dentists or summarizing the works of Nietzsche with over 95% positive feedback from users for rated requests. We trained our models to the extent that we are now able to offer quality service for more than 29,000 different tasks (and counting!). We'd love to welcome you to our journey, either as users, partners or team members :) We know how passionate this community is around productivity, Hybrid human/AI assistants and the future of work and we look forward to serving you and the 5,500 folks already on our waitlist. Ori
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@ori_cohen1 You're welcome! I started with the $25/month promotion and before getting started, I thought I would cancel before paying the $50. After using it for a month, it was well worth the money to save me time and just the mental load of worrying about random to-do's. Looking forward to future updates!
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I've been using Delegate as a beta user for the past 5 months now. I cannot say enough good things about Delegate. It has completely transformed my life. Having a team of passionate and hard-working assistants with a can-do attitude just one text message away is incredibly empowering and liberating. I no longer feel oppressed by my ever growing to do list of chores. I am super excited to see what comes next in their product development, especially as they add more premium and comprehensive service offerings. Go Delegate!!!
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If anyone knows a service like this that works in Europe let me know, this looks very cool!
Amazing product! Well done!
I have been using Delegate for a few months and it keeps getting better. Response time is getting shorter (typically less than 24 hours) and the quality is consistent. Big +1
@raphaelouzan Awesome. I'm curious - what are the main things you use it for?
@pav_sethi booking restaurants, sending gifts, researching where I can find certain niche products I need to buy when traveling, etc.
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