Take a photo of a wine label and get descriptions

Delectable is an app that lets you take photos of the label and get ratings/descriptions. I use this to catalogue wines I like.

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Anything new here? This app has been around for a while and used to be really great... the label recognition and reviews are still very good, but the addition of ads has really marred the experience.
@chrismessina I've been using this app for awhile now. I only use it to catalogue wines I like. The label recognition improved over time in speed and quality. I haven't ran into any ads yet. I guess I don't use it as much or don't pay attention to ads in there lol. Seems like everyone prefers Vivino over Delectable. I decided to download Vivino. I also realized Delectable was already posted 4 years ago woops. I was responding to - I guess the search results for Delectable didn't show up at first.
@designxtek got it, makes sense! :)
Does it do anything more / better than vivino?
@scotty_mcq I recently just downloaded Vivino. I will compare when I get more usage out of it. I've only been snapping photos with Delectable so I can't really compare yet.
They should try and add an AR feature to this! Will make this app even better!