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Some more background on it :)
“Welcome to Dekorate”. This is the phrase we’ve been using for our users- new and old for a while now. Our team at Dekorate comes from a solid product background, so we thought of making a good product before getting into the talking part. Following is a brief introduction of what we have been doing all along. 1. What is Dekorate? Dekorate is an year old tech startup- rethinking and redefining the interior design experience for the consumers. We launched our product, a consumer interfacing mobile application and a B2B platform(Beta) for the designers around seven months back to a great reception. 2. Why are we doing this? Because everyone wants a beautiful home, but not everyone can hire an Interior Designer or an Architect to do that for them. Dekorate provides you great ideas for your space and affordable professional help, if required- all via. the mobile application. Over 500 designed rooms have been delivered in this short span of 7 months, across India and US (Yes, you read that right). We’re using our learnings and experience in creating some great tools for the Architects/Interior Designers, which we believe will improve their efficiency and workflow, significantly. 3. How does this work? It’s simple! You download the app and browse through the designs. If any design amuses you, you can further check out all the products/furniture which are used to create that room with their respective buying link. Alternatively, you can submit your room for us to design(from within the app)and relax. Our designers keep your taste and requirements in mind and come up with a great design in flat three days! What do you get? You get photorealistic images of your newly designed space, a 360° panoramic view and a Cardboard to visualise your room in Virtual Reality. Also, the entire product list is provided with the design. 4. Is this going to compete with the Interior Designers and Architects across the globe? Absolutely not! We’re creating some really interesting tools and technology for the aid of interior designers and architects alike. Our platform is in beta right now and we’re making it better by each passing day based upon our learnings from the past one year. If you are an architect or an interior designer/stylist, feel free to get in touch with me for a sneak peek or to be included in our insider loop of professionals who are helping us make our B2B offering better.