Dejavu is a Web UI for Elasticsearch that allows easy data importing (GUI for JSON / CSV import), adding custom mappings for fields, as well as add / edit / filter data visually or via Elasticsearch queries.

It solves the PITA that is indexing / re-indexing / creating mappings while working with Elasticsearch.

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Hi PH'ers, We have built Dejavu to make working with data in Elasticsearch a breeze. With this release, for the very first time, we are now fully supporting Elasticsearch clusters / indexes hosted anywhere. For those of you who aren't using Elasticsearch in their development, Dejavu is a tool that can help you get your data from Excel / CSV / JSON files into the correct data structures (you don't need to know anything about how a search engine works) which a frontend developer can use to build search focused UIs like e-commerce storefronts, aggregator site, financial dashboards, etc. You can check out the Github Readme for more detailed info, how it compares with existing tools and what we are planning next -
Excited to try this out. Kibana is so so so bad.
Does it product have some common with Djvu reader?