Continuous screen recorder for Mac, jump back anytime.

Built to be always on, allowing you to go back in time and export the last minute at any moment.

- πŸ› Software testers: Instantly document the steps to any weird error

- πŸ“Ό Stream watchers: Capture crazy stuff after it happened

- πŸ’° Entrepreneurs: Replay peaks of your real-time metrics

- πŸ™‰ Chaos monkeys: How did you mess up in the last minute?

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When deploying and testing, stuff breaks. DJV has helped on several occasions to identify the steps to reproduce bugs or issues.




can't be blank

Hi! This is my first side project published on Producthunt, exciting times πŸ˜ƒ It was a lot of fun to develop and to learn Swift in the process. It took a lot of experimenting to come to a recording method that had minimum impact on battery but still offered enough quality to be actually meaningful. DejaVideo has already saved my own butt several times in the past weeks and I hope it will also be useful to others! For now I think it's mainly useful for QA'ers and developers to instantly have a reproduction for bugs, but there might be completely other use-cases too πŸ˜‰ It still only has the bare minimum features, curious to also hear about what you would like to see added!
I like the concept - downloaded and going to give it some use. First thing that jumps out as pretty annoying is how it flashes over my entire screen every minute or so. If I'm not able to disable that I'll probably not be a user for long.
@gioismeyo Thanks for trying out and giving your feedback! It should only flash when you connect/ disconnect a screen and on start up of the application (to indicate which screen it is recording from that moment on). The animation also briefly shows up while the last minute is being exported when you press the export button. If it does it more often, it's a bug πŸ˜‰ Perhaps the animation is also a bit too much at the moment, had too much fun with it, will minimise it in later versions. Thanks again!
@jasper_hartong Yeah I'd say it's def a bug in that case. It's happening at random times and will happen in sequence over and over again. I'm going to uninstall - I'll check it out again in the future.
Cool. It's like a dashcam for your desktop! In Russia, those are mandatory.
@joshuapinter much better slogan! πŸ˜ƒ