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Hey Product Hunt! Thank you for the feature. I built Dehaze out of a little bit of frustration. It's seemingly impossible to find the right hashtags to promote shots on Instagram. Those who get it right see huge results, but it takes days and days to collect the ones that'll work. I spent a few months building the product and researching the hashtags, and am pleased to launch in Beta today. Please let me know any feedback, or submit on the site. Thanks!
Interesting, I am not heavily invested into Instagram but can see this being quite useful. Some tags are quite interesting (and could a white space perhaps be added between tags unless this is the norm?). I looked for Landscape / San Francisco and got these suggestions: #landscape_lovers#WatchThisInstagood#dehazeco#landscape_captures#VisualsOfLife#livefolk#artofvisuals#liveauthentic#welivetoexplore#jaw_dropping_shots#naturelovers#awesome_earthpix#landscapephotography#ig_masterpiece#neverstopexploring#beautifulplaces#AwesomeEarth#EarthVisuals#onlyinsf#howsfseessf#california#igerssf#streetsofsf#wildbayare#visitcalifornia
@sarthakgrover thanks. I left out the space as it looked tidier, but it does look difficult without (although tags still very much work)
Just reccomended on a medium article. Hope Nick can find time to evolve the service.
@nick88msn thanks so much Nicola, I hope so also! Let me know any feedback you think might help. Would love to see the medium article also
@nicksmithr it's for the italian audience, that's why I did not posted before
I don't know how but I think you have a special connect with that tags!πŸ™ƒThey are working! Good photographers, not just usual users and bots, liked my pics. Thank you for your work. Will wait for final release πŸ‘πŸ»
Using this together with TagsDock could be awesome!
@scottwyden Definitely. Dehaze is focused more on the 'hardcore' photography side of Insta, I think TagsDock is more on all hashtags side.
@nicksmithr But you can place whatever hashtags you want in TagsDock. So if there are a series of hashtags at Dehaze which are used regularly, it's quicker to use TagsDock.
@scottwyden Ah sweet! Will check it out for sure.
@scottwyden glad you liked Tagsdock 😊 & soon a cool feature will be available in tagsdock πŸ™Š ! cc @kwdinc