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I'm sharing this with administrators of community colleges and historical black colleges in my state (Louisiana). I've spoken with far too many students who give up on college entirely because they can no longer afford it. Yet, these students have never heard of MOOCs. If schools in my state fail to retain students, they should at least inform them of options like Degreed.
We just had Course Forward on yesterday. @yongparkk what do you think of this?
@eriktorenberg Degreed has been around a while. They are essentially an education-focused version of LinkedIn. From their landing page: "Indidivuals [sic] and organizations use Degreed to find, track, and recognize ALL learning." Course Forward doesn't want you to recreate your LinkedIn profile. It wants to help you move on to a better career.
@yongparkk RE: LinkedIn...that's an interesting take. Indeed there is a fair analog, the same way LinkedIn is a profile of your experience, Degreed is the profile of your learning. However, there is almost no redundancy as Degreed goes far deeper than LinkedIn does in tracking and representing your life learning. This drives valuable insight into what you already know and makes Degreed the smartest system in helping guide your learning. Further, Degreed is the world's largest database of learning resources--each aligned to skills and rated for quality and difficulty.
Glad someone came around and decided to lasso up all the learning platforms on one base (Ed repo)
Create learning paths from any materials. Powerful in combination with!