Curated list of decentralized finance products

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Decentralized finance (DeFi) has been making waves over the last several months following the surge in platforms and products offering DeFi services.
DeFiprime is a curated list of the best DeFi products.
Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone
  • Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone
    Rob "Crypto Bobby" PaoneGrowth at Airswap

    Nice collection of DeFi apps, with plenty of suggestions within the site.


    The UI itself on the category pages you could slightly improved for desktop, but I think this is a good starting point PoC.

    I think this a good starting place to understand the different components of the DeFi ecosystem, I like what you did here and I think this could definitely expand nicely in the future.

    Rob "Crypto Bobby" Paone has used this product for one day.
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Thibaut Sahaghian
Thibaut Sahaghian@thibaut_sahaghian1 · Building the cryptobank for companies
So much going on in the Decentralised Finance space, it's great to have some curation, kudos! - Pros: Most of the best projects are there, so it's a great entry door for newcomers or companies seeking partnerships. Elegant UI and helpful categorization. - Cons: Categories could be sorted alphabetically. Not sure all projects are really decentralized (e.g. projects with BTC lending). Special note on the Custody list: self-custody could be highlighted - it's the true spirit of the projects out there.
Nick Sawinyh
Nick SawinyhMaker@sawinyh · Growth focused product manager
@thibaut_sahaghian1 Thanks, that's valuable feedback!
Varun Agarwal
Varun Agarwal@varun_agarwal1
When I hover on a card, it expands, now when I move my mouse completely out, the card goes back to normal. But if I move my mouse out from the bottom of any card, the animation starts a terrible loop and keeps toggling the state.
Varun Agarwal
Varun Agarwal@varun_agarwal1
Note this only happens for the middle row of the categories section.