DeFi Pulse

Track key metrics of top decentralized finance tools

DeFi Pulse: the quintessential radar for the dawn of decentralized finance. Keep up with the metrics that matter from all major DeFi protocols and projects, e.g., Uniswap, Compound, MakerDAO. Quickly compare projects' growth + influence over a 24-hour period.

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Hey everyone - I’m Scott, co-founder of Concourse Open Community, a growing collection of people from all different backgrounds working on building user-friendly tools for the decentralized ecosystem. One area I’m especially excited about is decentralized finance (or DeFi). It’s been awesome to watch DeFi projects gain real traction over recent months, and the growth shows no sign of slowing. We built DeFi Pulse as a place for tracking that growth. This is just the first product iteration, so follow us for progress and upgrades, and please tell us what you like (or don’t) or what features you want to see added (we’ve got a list going from some great early feedback from the Ethereum community). And if you want to get involved or learn more about Concourse, just reach out to any of us in our Discord ( Everybody’s welcome!
@scott_lew_is Nice and useful product, hope some more DeFi projects will be included. is one of them.
Very cool. Nice work on this Scott.

Interesting approach to classify and measure the DeFi protocols usage.


Good info on DeFi protocols usage


Limited number of protocols

Yep, definite a bit light on the decentralized exchange section. I think it might have to do with how to define “locked” under different use cases — for decentralized lending / bridged assets / layer2 payment channels, it looks like defi pulse is defining “locked” as one-side liquidity pool, whereas derivatives might be two-sided? If so, then decentralized exchanges should also be defined as two-sided orderbook as “locked”

coming from the awesome team at Concourse!


simple snapshot of various finance mechanisms in the crypto space. allows for basic comparisons, super useful for quick checkins


hope to see more L2 options like Loom and core Eth projects like ENS represented (ideally anything that locks up value)

This is my new crypto homepage! Instead of checking CMC daily, this is where the important numbers are at!