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An immersive journey into what UX is and why it matters.

Do your projects ever get derailed by disagreement over the best solution? showcases the skills of @FreshConsulting’s amazing designers, devs, and strategists. This site is currently Desktop Only.

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Excited to share our just released, outside-the-box website illustrating what UX is and why it matters. I had the privilege of being the product owner on this site and work with @freshconsulting's amazing team of designers & developers to build this all out. Our designers had a blast custom making all the illustrations & fantasy worlds! We're launching 3 other worlds soon! One every month until December 😉 . Let me know if you have any questions!
Pros: It's neat looking. And kinda fun. Design // dev team is talented. Cons: Are you sure this isn't just a really long lead form?
@thecartoonfood thanks! I’ll pass that along to the team I hope it doesn’t feel like just a really long lead form! We tried our best to include some valuable white paper resources and a quiz at the end so that you could test yourself to see if you captured the content. Any suggestions as we roll into the future worlds we’re releasing in a few weeks?
Going to the site and seeing “desktop only” when the medium from which I learned about it and am most likely to view is mobile, seems either joking or ironic or “am i being punked?” — considering its purpose is to inform on good UX. I’m only being a bit more “direct” with my language considering the purpose. This would ideally be responsive of different devices and viewport sizes. Nowadays isn’t “mobile first” common? I will say this, without experiencing the desktop site: if the site is as nice as the screenshots i see, then I’m sure its beautiful - very nice there.