Reliable digital assets exchange inside of Telegram

DeexterBot is an instant digital assets exchange service inside Telegram.

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Anton Brazovski

amazing product, where you can keep your crypto and trade it.


easy to use



Artem Biryukov
Reaching for impossible
👋 Hello, Product Hunters! I want to present you our first project to launch on Product Hunt and we would like to hear some feedback on it! 💡 Idea Couple of months ago me and my partner decided to make a new project together. Since we both loved cryptocurrency and Telegram and had an experience in bots development the idea came up pretty quickly. When we've checked if there is any similar services inside Telegram and we've found none, the only existing services were exchanging one cryptocurrency to fiat and if you wanted to exchange other asset you needed to use another bot. We didn't want to waste time and started working as soon as possible and since then a couple of months came by. Our idea is very simple it's a digital assets exchange platform for everyone which you can use on any device where you can use Telegram. Exchange platform is one of our main goals for now, but we have some other cool things coming up! 🛠 Building Creation of MVP took us about a month and about a month of polishing everything into a nice looking product. Technically we've launched it on 7th of July, 2018 and got our first 1k users in 1 day. Actually we've been shocked by such success because we didn't really put any effort into marketing. 😱 During those months we've launched multiple updates and focused on bot stability. Right now we have a support of 20+ cryptocurrencies and such things as referral system and other neat things. 🚀 Future We hope that our service will be useful for all crypto enthusiasts who tired of endless registration processes on other platforms. Some things will be coming up lately to help people to accept any digital assets for their services or products without leaving Telegram. Our road map is still under discussion and we hope that our users will help us in making decisions.
Lee EvermoreSUDWA / PRRP
@impowski I gave him full admin rights in my room, messaged it & he won't start & I have no interface to work with our instructions for Before main menu @Lee_PRRP on Telegram
Max BloomAngel Investor - Tech Founder x 5
Nice, I'm the founder of Bettergram if you've seen that around the interwebs. Hit me up on DM if you want to talk Telegram/Crypto