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#4 Product of the DayFebruary 17, 2019

With seamless integration with development workflows and version-control providers, DeepSource saves tons of time and effort in hunting common bugs and in manual code reviews. It also enables tracking key source code metrics -- like documentation coverage, dependencies, etc. easily.

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10 Reviews5.0/5

Product actually makes you want to fix the issues, through PR checks and annotations. Ships with sane defaults for settings, and is very customisable. Alongside a CI tool, adding this tool as a PR merge check is very helpful in ensuring the code remains healthy.


Security, bug risk and doc coverage analysis. Great integration with GitHub PRs. All code issues visible alongside the culprit code.


Adding analysers for Java and JavaScript would be great.

DeepSource is one of the newest tools for developers that helps assess code quality and provides a code health check. Worth checking out to see for yourself how DeepSource can help decrease engineering time.
Thank you @hnshah for hunting us! πŸ™ Hello Product Hunt! @jaipradeesh and I are founders of DeepSource. Thank you for checking out the product -- do let us know if you have any feedback or questions! We are building DeepSource to give developers and engineering teams the tools that enable them ship reliable software, faster. Most of us have battled with using so many ad-hoc tools around code quality and still ended up pulling our hair -- we want to fix that by standardising the workflow around software quality maintenance with a simple and easy-to-integrate product. At the moment, we have support for Python, and integration with GitHub. Support for more languages (Java, JavaScript, Go) and integrations with GitLab and Bitbucket are coming soon! We're looking forward to know what the community thinks about DeepSource! 🀞🏼
Good idea, great to see you took security very serious. Unfortunately we are not using GitHub for our projects. Do you plan to support other platforms like Bitbucket?
@mirceariccifaca Thanks. We have Bitbucket in our roadmap along with Gitlab. Should be able to have an integration by end of April. If early, I will reach out to you :)

Waiting for Gitlab integrations and Javascript analyser


Clean UI


Fewer languages support.

Sure Prakash. Will let you know when we ship them.