Diligently sourced emails that make you more efficient πŸ’Œ

Improve efficiency in your workplace by cutting down on hours spent searching. DeepMail will protect your sender reputation, increasing your open rate.

Great job!! 😊 Any gmail version?
@ayush_chandra Hey Ayush, Jack here the CTO of DeepMail, If you mean finding people's personal emails like Gmail or Outlook, we work as a tool for connecting people business to business rather than b2c. There are some big legalities with finding personal email addresses and it's really not the sort of service we want to offer at DeepMail. Thanks for your compliments and interest though. How would you use DeepMail in your research role?
@jacksndrs I understood the point. Thanks for the clarity 😊
HI PH, I'm Rob and I'm the CEO of DeepMail. Thanks for hunting us Bharath. We have been building DeepMail over the last year as an updated email finder to what is currently available. There are other companies in this space, but we felt we could cover more bases by searching the web with every request. From the startup100s ~170 founders, we found ~150, our closest competitor was at 100. As you can see DeepMail is currently in beta, but searching works perfectly. If a search fails, we are alerted and go about finding the data the old school way. We are in the process of adding more features. First will be the chrome extension followed by some more features which don't currently exist in this email sourcing space. Please ask any questions. We'd like to hear how you could use DeepMail, and what more DeepMail could do to make your life easier. Thanks, Rob
@rdlou Looks interesting and I will check it out more in depth. Some quick feedback...I think you can test out changes to your main page, perhaps with a hero section describing what the product is with an example. I got the gist of the power of it but had to read through of lot of the text to fully grok its power.
@imrankhawaja82 Thanks Imran. We need to set up more testing and this is on our list. We thought the video would be the best way of getting across how the product works. I suppose it's the text describing why we're different that bulks it up. Thanks for your feedback. I'd be interested to hear how you would use DeepMail. Rob