Deeplink Appwords

Acquire and drive intent based traffic into your mobile app.

AppWords enables app marketers to reengage their existing users by purchasing search keywords that are relevant to their app content. App developers host the AppWorks software development kit code in their app, which allows them to search for relevant deep links in other apps. Say you're a movie ticket app, and after the purchase (the "exit point"), you want to help your users find good restaurants near the theater. You'd search AppWords for "restaurants near Union Square". AppWords would then return deep links from other restaurant apps, depending on what apps are already installed on the device. It’s something like Google’s Ad Words, which creates an auction marketplace for advertisers who want to place advertisements, but for deep linking in apps.
Wow, super interesting idea. I love behavioral marketplaces.
Thanks for posting, @kwdinc ! We're thrilled to launch AppWords out of Beta, and help drive a more connected app ecosystem. Always happy to chat, so feel free to reach out. :)
Does this still work with Apples iOS9 Url Scheme restrictions?