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Eze VidraHunter@ediggs · Startup investor and advisor
A good addition to the Made In Israel list today! navigate through the apps on your phone the same way to move across pages on the web
itamar weisbrodMaker@itamarw · CEO, Deeplink
Amazing free tool for app developers to send traffic into specific parts of their apps, and no SDK needed. Used by thousands of top apps, like this for example-->
Emmanuel Amberber@emmanuelamber · Data & Product Head | @YSProfiles
@itamarw Hi Weisbrod, what are the similarities between ?
Garett Press@garettpress · Marketing Director, Verst
These guys made deeplinking a breeze for us at Thrillist Media Group, and we saw an immediate uptick in mobile app conversion rates. Also, the dudes that work there are incredibly friendly and helpful. Great crew!
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
is your monetization strategy primarily focused on advertising like URX? What are the main differences?
Noah Klausman@nklausman · Co-Founder @ Deeplink
@_jacksmith Thanks for your comment. Our organic platform allows you to create links to your app for free, and access our analytics, translation rules, and some other cool features. We are building a number of other products as well, happy to give you more details!! Send me a note and let's chat!! :)
Santosh Sankar@santoshsankar · Cofounder, Director, Dynamo
The site seems to be down (9:40AM ET)
itamar weisbrodMaker@itamarw · CEO, Deeplink
@santoshsankar no downages seen on our end... Still getting that?
Santosh Sankar@santoshsankar · Cofounder, Director, Dynamo
@itamarw All good now- thanks! Might have been the network at work here and not a function of the site.