Twitter bot trained to speak like Donald Trump

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Hi all! I'll be around intermittently throughout the day as I work on @DeepDrumpf's next steps and am happy to answer questions!
@hayesbh @deepdrumpf Your're not treating Drumpf fairly, his tiny fingers already dialing the number of his lawyer :) Great job, love the idea!
@hayesbh @deepdrumpf This is so awesome Brad! How did you train DeepDrumpf to respond like Trump? What is it capable of as of now?
@hayesbh @filixmog @deepdrumpf hahaha this is so great!
@troy_ruediger @deepdrumpf Hi Troy- DeepDrumpf is a Recurrent Neural Network trained on all of his publicly available speeches, tweets, and debate transcripts. To get responses to people, I prime the model with particular phrases to guide the generation towards the desired topics. In general you have to sample a lot to get a comedic response, though at this point most of what comes out of the model sounds pretty Trump-ish.
DeepDrumpf is gonna make America SO great again! #DeepDrumpf2016
This is amazzzzzing :)
It's huuge! Thank you!
That profile picture is the stuff of nightmares.