Morph any image into insane GIFs using Deep Dreaming

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The recent code released by Google is good if you’re a researcher (check out that link if you don’t know it), but for ordinary people to play with deep dreaming it’s out of reach. We created this site to make it simple for anyone to play with this new technology, while creating unique GIFs to boot. We are continually creating new effects that automatically get applied to your images… coming from the MIT Media Lab we’re very interested in how anyone can work with computers to make art. If you have feedback or want to collaborate on some cool algorithms, let us know! This is just the starting point of what we see to be an emerging new category for ordinary people. Hugs, Aaron & Greg
@azinman there are already other websites doing exactly the same thing.
@gtsouk1 @azinman we have unique gifs that they don't produce. We also do many different effects at once so it's a simpler process. And many are constantly down -- we've had great uptime. More to come...