Turn your pics into artsy masterpieces using algorithms

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Love this. Only 222 hours before I become salad: Getting slammed, @kidzik? 😉
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This is sweet - web-app that applies an algorithm based on convolutional neural networks which combines the content of one image with the style of another image. A good reminder that we're just barely getting started when it comes to AI's ability to (help) generate interesting and/or beautiful imagery. For what it's worth, the website has a bit of an interesting business model. You can submit your content+style image pair but it may take a loooong time for the calculations to be done (like, over a week). But for a small 'donation' (couple of Euros is what I saw) they'll expedite it. I haven't completely decided if this is clever or annoying :)
@ronbrinkmann ... is the wait time legit? Or is it contrived?
I just used this to create a beautiful canvas of a collection of PH kitties... in probably a shorter time than I could actually paint it 😏 I actually paid the £1.50 or whatever it was... firstly because I'm impatient, secondly because it's only £1.50 and this is one of those products I think is pretty cool! The site is a little iffy, some things are not quite there yet but a few tweaks and polishes - it will be smooth sailing. @ronbrinkmann for a newbie hunter, this is great... The future is bright with this one...
Pretty cool idea... I'm hesitant to pay the fee since I'm not sure what my individual picture will look like. That said, you may get a lot of users to abaondon since the wait time is so long (10 days as of this comment for me). I'd prefere a one time fee to use the service up to "X" times and get expedited results, as opposed to pay per picture. Cool idea and looking forward to the output.
@rrhoover @bentossell Funny that I was using this long before Pikazo and Prisma were founded. The UI hasn't changed much and there's still no app to simplify access. However, it's cool that one can order for canvas prints with higher quality. Hope the comments on PH would help the team behind it make it better.