Deep Grammar

Grammar checker based on deep learning

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Would be cool to have the sensitivity level give more insight than just a number... e.g. 2.0 - what does that scale mean? Maybe have a simple sentence where as the scale is adjusted, the sentence is too so that people can see the variance. You can see the story behind this here but I will let @jmugan tell us more :)
@bentossell Ah, cool feedback! The number just changes the probability thresholds for when to show potential errors. I'll think about how to better convey that.
What's going on behind the scenes? This is quite interesting but just a few sentences are a slow grind.
@lynnfredricks Yeah, I need to speed it up. I've got some ideas, I just need to get them implemented. In the back is an RNN written in Theano.
I just wrote my first blogpost on Medium, and didn't dare not to use the premium version of Grammarly! I don't want it to be that obvious that I'm Norgwegian ;)
This was a semester late - but will be very useful in the future. I'd like to see what's happening on the backend. Thanks @jmugan - I'd like to see this take on LanguageTool head to head
@willyoo42 The comparison with Language Tool is here! Language Tool has an edge, but I'm catching up fast!
@jmugan @willyoo42 Awesome! I want to see you beat it
Based on my first few attempts, I'm guessing this is targeted at folks whose first language is not English?
@howcool Not necessarily. We've made some big improvements lately, try it again!