Be better, decide better.

Deemr is a social interaction mobile application, designed to gather simple, quick and honest feedback about decisions you need to make, opinions you want to challenge or ideas you want to test.

A deem gives the creator control over how to respond to them, it's time-frame, it's anonymously responded, it's audience framed and it is ephemeral.

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Adrian VidicanResearch Specialist
Nice ideea. 👍
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Looking to be better and decide better.
Hello hunters! Just wanted to give you a few more details about what we mean when talk about what we consider the building blocks of the whole concept: control, time-framed, anonymous responses, audience framed and ephemeral (or short-lived). - Control over how other users interact with the content you are creating. Main purpose is to give the content creator control on the mechanism of response to their posts, in order to avoid internet trolls, bullies and effectively prevent unnecessary “noise” on the responses. - Anonymous responses: aimed at increasing the rate of free and therefore honest responses. - Time constrained: allows to express a sense of urgency by choosing how quick or for how long you will be expecting responses. - Short-lived: once finished, the deem disappears after final results have been reviewed by the creator. - Targeted audience: either through direct private questions to contacts or openly to all users through representative hashtags, you can target a more engaged audience. We truly think the combination of them has the potential to overcome the lack of honest (and therefore truly helpful) feedback when "asking the internet" for it, while keeping the creators in control of their content. (For even MORE details, visit our blog!) And of course, feel free to contact any of us with any questions, critic or praise. We like them all! Cheers!
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Çağatay Çalı
Software Engineer
The idea was to develop an application that is mostly the same. You have done so well. I think I'll leave the code.
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