Increase your personal trustworthiness online

Deemly is a reputation and social verification tool for P2P marketplaces and sharing economy businesses helping them build trust for their community, ultimately allowing users to take their reputation with them across all their online activity.

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Anna Filou
Tech Geek, Web Designer, Illustrator
This is actually a great idea! But the thing is, Deemly itself is hardly a household name so it does not seem very trustworthy to people who don't already know about it. Say someone sees my deemly score/verifications on my website or something. They will most probably ignore it, mistaking it for some social network they have never heard of. How are you planning to overcome this challenge?
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Angelo Embuldeniya
Product Strategist. Investor.
Deemly allows users of collaborative platforms to utilize their entire digital reputation in order to better participate in all peer-to-peer marketplaces. They are driven to create more trust in the sharing economy and thereby spur growth in the industry, which is good for our environment and economy. Using Deemly, platform users will utilize their entire digital reputation which helps both new and established platforms achieve fast and sustainable growth. Individuals will be more inclined to try out new platforms if other users have viewable ratings and reviews. Similarly, less-active users of more established platforms will have an easier time participating when they can utilize their entire digital reputation to compete with the platform’s most active users.