Deekit Premium

Collaborative online whiteboard for larger remote teams

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Hello hunters! Excited to be on PH for our launch. The initial idea behind Deekit was to enable remote teams to collaborate using simple drawings and writing, any content. Our vision was to create a collaborative canvas that is easy to use, is entirely collaborative and most of all - works in real-time even when your network isn't as great. Today, we're excited to share our next step on the journey - Deekit Premium. Deekit Premium is crafted for bigger teams and those who want to level up their collaboration. Premium users have the ability to add any content on your whiteboards, such as pinning links to other sites, adding social media cards, spreadsheets, links to books, add image cards. Even slides and videos, that can directly be played without leaving the app. We also have added advanced shape library for all your needs that are constantly being updated - shapes for design and wireframes, sketching architecture diagrams or just level up your drawings. πŸ€“ Here're all features that come in Premium: - advanced shape library - import any content from the web - view videos and slides directly from your whiteboards - create and organize your boards in folders - advanced access management tailored for bigger teams We'd love to see you try the new Premium and let us know your thoughts. For all the new users who grab the premium will receive a one-month free trial, so you can give it a try right away. Over next couple of weeks, several additions are coming both for our free and Premium users, so stay tuned. To answer few questions ahead: sharing your whiteboards with URL is coming, too! It's also worth noting that despite the launch of Premium, we are sticking to our promise of keeping Deekit free forever! If you want to learn more about Premium, you can read more on our blog: and I'm always happy to answer questions. Thanks again for all the support and really excited to be on Product Hunt. Since we launched initially, we have received tons of amazing feedback from the community and I could not be more thankful to all of you. We're around here all day answering questions in comments and looking forward to hear your thoughts! 😊 Kaili and team Deekit
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@kailikleemeier slightly reminds of zengobi curio, but I guss your tool provides more freedom and is also cloud based and allows team collaboration. Nice
@alinnas Thanks for reaching out Andy! Deekit is indeed about collaboration first - being fully real-time and built for sharing and working together. We believe that teamwork should be simple, engaging and fun. That's also why the canvas size and all opportunities in Deekit are literally as wide as your mind can go. 😊
@kailikleemeier congrats on the launch!
@arstionu thanks Priit! ☺️
I'm a big fan of tools helping remote work. Thank you for focusing on this space and congratulations on the launch.
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@paul_s_kemp Thank you so much Paul for kind words and all ears for all the feedback! πŸ™‡
@paul_s_kemp Thanks Paul! Glad you like it πŸ™Œ
I’ve been following Deekit since early days and I’m really happy to see the long way it has come. Good job!
@kristi_magi Thank you for the super kind words! 😍
Easily the best shareable whiteboard out there... great to see Deekit doing so well on PH!
@tetradgus Thanks Gus, music to our ears and eyes! πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰
Overall a very nice peace of software that works perfectly with mediocre internet or on the go as well. I think the features most compelling for me are the templates, meeting notes structuring and the sticky notes. I am looking forward to expanded shape library and of course an app for Android.
@henri_treude Thanks Henri! 😊 We're all ears for feedback on the new features and I can already tell you a hint that very first version for Android app is in testing 😊
@henri_treude Thank you for the kind words, feedback and utmost the support! πŸ™‡πŸ»