Shared whiteboard for remote teams.

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Just launched on Techcrunch, looks pretty awesome.
@_jacksmith Thanks for the compliment! :)
Today, Deekit exited private beta making this a very first public release for us! We are looking forward to hear feedback. Especially would love to hear from those in ProductHunt community who work remotely or work across multiple offices. TechCrunch coverage telling our story, why are we building this and more:
I love this! Also, I like the media thumbnails on top. Is this a new feature, team? Because if so, I'm loving it. :)
@v4violetta no idea how they got there; I can't see any button to add them. personally I'm actually not much of a fan - they take up loads of space on mobile
Had the pleasure of seeing this product pretty early, really cool you guys launched, good job! What features do you have in the pipelines over the next few months?
@jasondainter Hi Jason, it's great to hear from you and thank you for compliments! :) Some features that have been requested most by users right now and are coming really soon include undo/redo (most asked for feature at this point obviously) and iOS app. We are taking a stronger focus on meetings and presence soon. We want to go deeper than simple whiteboard and really focus on how Deekit can help you have more effective meetings. Being able to duplicate items is also on the list to come soon. Android and other platforms are coming slightly later, but coming. Integrations are also in our pipeline. Most common things we are asked for are integration with Slack and Trello. What would you want Deekit to integrate with? :)
Interesting idea. Wasn't working for me on chrome.
@matgosselin Hi Mathieu! I'm one of the founders at Deekit. Really sorry to hear that you've had trouble using the app. Do you mind to tell me a bit more so that we could take a look into it? :)
@matgosselin @kailikleemeier And you can blame me if something doesn't work. I'm the UI guy (among other things) on Deekit. But would be interesting to know what platform/Chrome version you have so we could reproduce and fix it. And thanks for trying us out in the first place.