Movie night decision making made easy for tvOS

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Hi All! I'm Darcy, The Tech Lead at Gyde and the maker behind Decyde. I'd love to see what you all think of it. It's still very raw - hacked together in the time between the Apple TV SDK release and the last few days, so if you have any questions about tvOS as well, I'd love to answer them.
Hey Darcy, love the idea. Definitely going to have to try this out this weekend. One of the common problems with movie recommendation apps/websites is that you end up getting the same 10-15 recommendations over and over again. How did you get around that problem?
@zachrabin pardon the delay. We're not trying to give you the best recommendations but rather narrow the field to three so we can take some liberties in how choose it for a start. Next, we add a bunch of randomness in both questions and results to make it feel fresh on each new run, generally trying to give me results to look at. It's still a wip but it generally works.
Damn the process to install Apps on the new Apple TV is really not convenient. no links, no short cut. got to go to "search" and find it and install it. like in 1990
@ourielohayon Yehp. It's really frustrating as a developer but you basically have to hope Apple fix it soon. It's really made App Store seo even more important.
@sutto @ourielohayon i think the only right way to do that is the way Google play works. Install any app you want from your computer and pick the device you want it in. that would be perfect
This seems like a really interesting add on to the Apple TV. Are you planning on pulling in reviews from Rotten Tomatoes in the future?
@spinoodle Not sure on reviews, scores - definitely. But reviews we also have our own data set from of a bunch of users.
Would be great if it could make suggestions based upon your plex library and take you directly to that movie. Possible?
@kirksfletcher Not at the moment, but it's something we've talked about ;)