Beautiful online interior design for a low flat fee.

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Home decor is stressful. It's a lot of work to piece together a well-designed set (at least for someone like myself that knows nothing about home decor). Next time I move, I may consider using something like this.
@allnick haha totally! I think it depends... the vast majority of the market (both office/home) do "interior design" themselves and don't outsource it at all. So, that was the reason for the tag line. Maybe something like "outsourced interior design" or "marketplace for furniture purchasing" would have been better. But you are totally right that, for those who already get services, it is, as you say, a service! :)
@anniekadavy just to confirm: what you are ultimately saying is that most people don't hire interior designers, correct? I may be missing the point but it's basically "The interior designer you can actually afford" :) I'd assume the two main reasons people don't hire interior designers is either 1. they don't care, or 2. they doubt they can afford it. This is for those who fall into the second camp.
Two companies in the "interior design as a service" space - Decorist (SF based) and Homepolish (NYC based). For anyone with a new apartment or new office, this is a phenomenal service assuming you don't want to have the same IKEA desks and HumanScale chairs as every other startup out there. Well worth the $$ spent on either of these platforms.
Like the concept, just wondering about the tag line. Isn't interior design inherently a service? That's like saying "doctor as a service". A doctor never was a product :)