Decorilla VR

Design your room using VR and interior designers

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First and foremost, thanks for hunting Decorilla VR! We are excited to share our new product with you product hunters and have built it with the mission of helping people save time and avoid costly decorating mistakes in an accessible way. Decorilla VR mitigates risks for customers by allowing them to walk through digital models of their designs - essentially giving them the ability to “set foot” in their new rooms even if they don’t exist yet. As a result, our clients have told us they feel more informed and confident about their purchase and design decisions. Beginning the design process is simple. Customers login to the platform and choose photos of interior design spaces they like and their favorite brands. They then specify their budget and decorating needs. Next, customers can schedule a phone call or in-house consultation (available in 20 cities in the US). Decorilla’s design team takes all this into account and produces detailed 3D and VR models for the customer, accessible by downloading the Decorilla VR app on iOS or Android and Decorilla sends the customer a Google Cardboard VR kit. We wanted to show our PH love by extending $200 off any silver VR living room package + 10% off furniture. Just follow this link below before Monday, Sep. 26th to get the living room VR package for only $598: (if you have a different room or business design you need done, just reply to this comment and we’ll be happy to customize the deal for you!). Thanks again product hunters and please do keep the comments coming, we are looking forward to answering any questions you may have about VR in interior design and its possibilities. All my best, Christine
@cmartindesign I'm an artist & designer as well as an engineer & this concept of thinking on the molecular level started in our braintrust(it's called nanotechnology now). I wish this was available for Android & Windows. I would like to also be able to place my own custom furniture designs in & contract out 1 off fabrication. And what bout exteriors? Yes, I'm one of those dreadfully archaic people who never learned Autocad & still draw my designs out on cave walls(okay, I really use paper & pen/pencil), but would love a way to digitize & paint/texture that wouldn't require learning a ton of gibberish in order to illustrate my ideas.....
Awesome use case for VR. It makes me think about how the architecture industry will change. Goodby tiny, intricate skyscraper models.
@rrhoover Thanks so much, Ryan! I'm excited about the future possibilities too and building decisions will definitely be easier with VR. It's essentially like "teleporting" into the future:)
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! I think VR makes it even easier for designers to work remotely because they can actually put themselves in the client's room from anywhere.
I can imagine this making it much easier for designers to sell their plans to customers. I'm a huge fan of this. Can we do a trial at my place? 💁🏠
@jacqvon Hi Jacqueline, Thank you so much for posting Decorilla VR! Whenever you're ready to decorate just email me ( and I'll be more than happy to get you an awesome deal:) You really have to try it to believe it.
Congrats Christine and Agnieszka! Decorilla VR looks fantastic.
@conradegusa Thanks so much for checking it out, Conrad!
Hi Agnieszka and Christine, Thanks for outlining the benefits of VR for your customers in your message. I was wondering, from an interior designer standpoint, what if any advantages does VR give your designers?
@publicizejim Thanks for asking Jim! Our design team loves this technology just as much as our clients do:) It's great to be able to present design ideas in 3D from any angle. Before designers were modeling in 3D, but there was no way to show clients the work in 3D. The output was always a flat image before, but not anymore.
@agnieszka_777 thanks a lot for your response.