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Hi everyone, I'm the founder of Decorator! The app came about because I was obsessed with The Sims as a child (I've probably built and decorated 200 houses). Once I became a software engineer, I decided to build it for real-life! In addition to some editing tools built into the app... - Tap to repaint the walls - Drag in furniture (so far from One Kings Lane or Lumens) - Sketch out ideas - Leave comments of our big goals is to create a community for people to share home decorating ideas. We encourage you to test out new paint/furniture in your own room, but also to share ideas with other people. You might not think of yourself as an interior designer, but we think you'll find it's really fun once you try it. We've love to hear your feedback! Thanks for your votes!
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@vanessa_ronan Love the inspiration and idea for Decorator. Would be great to hear your plans for expanding your furniture catalogue and how we might be able to help at Article (
@phixx Hi Duncan, thanks. An expanded furniture catalog is in the works! We'll be adding more types of furniture like couches and tables soon. Tbh we weren't intending to launch on PH until April, so our catalog isn't fully built out yet. I woke up this morning to find us here even though I didn't post (and it says I did). So we're rolling with it! We're getting new furniture companies on board right now so I'd love to chat. Send me an email at
@vanessa_ronan sounds good. Email on the way!
Aah, now I have to clean my room first πŸ˜₯
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Had a chance to play with it and definitely see myself using it. Love the idea of crowdsourcing the design which also makes it unique from Houzz and Home.
@amin_nazim Thanks Nazim! So many people love interior design but never get past decorating their own house. Crowdsourcing lets them be creative and have fun while helping people who otherwise would be stuck. Win-win for everyone.
This looks like fun and I love the idea, but is there a "shiplap everything" option? (Thanks HGTV)
@robynchaaang Haha! We can add an auto-shiplap easter egg. Tapping on white paint 3x, perhaps? πŸ€”
@vanessa_ronan Big fan of easter eggs
This is amazing. Ive been following the product for a while now. Great job @vanessa_ronan.