Deco UI Kit

Everything you need to make a social, news or shop app.

Deco is UI Kit with more than 35 mobile app screens for Ionic, Android & Design. It contains all you need to make an social, news or shop mobile app. Also, all updates are lifetime free and save more than 30% with Deco bundle.

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Christian Morales
Ionic & Android developer
Hi guys! I'm Christian, co-founder of Deco UI Kit. Please, let me know what do you think about our product? Thanks 🤘 P.S. Use "ph20" on Gumroad for $20 discount
Shreyaa Ratra
Making B2B sales easy via
@christian_morales Are you planning to do outbound B2B sales ? If yes, target companies who are hiring for UI designer. Since they are hiring, it is their area of focus right now. Hence, they might be interested to buy your kit.