Scan and ship your unwanted stuff. Get paid instantly.

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They make it nice and easy with the scan feature, as well as free shipping. It looks like their focus right now is just CDs, DVDs, and games however. Would be nice to be able to scan anything you have jamming up your house, but maybe we'll see that in the future.
I've been looking for one of these services on Android for a long time. This may very well be the first one! I'm excited about that at the very least!
I doubt that they pay you instantly without checking all of the items. I've had previous experience with another company called Music Magpie and it took about 8 weeks from sending to being paid and they even had a clause stating that they can decide not to accept certain products based on condition without having to return the item.
@leepaulkennedy That sounds about right. Saw this review video. Looks like it took about 2 weeks to get paid after they checked out quality of your items.
@kristofertm that sounds more like it, I was just going of the tagline on the post. I think there is a real need for a product whereby I can send anything in a box and they price it and you can accept the price or not, then any item you don't want to accept the price on they send back for a fee.
@leepaulkennedy check out!