Declutter Pro

Clean & organise your desktop automatically

Product Hunters, We have worked hard to release this Declutter Pro which helps you to keep your mac desktop clean and organised. ■ Create beautiful folders in your desktop to organise the files ■ Create rules based on file name or extension to organise the files ■ Organise and clean your desktop in a single click within seconds ■ Configure time interval to automatically Declutter your Desktop Declutter Pro is an solution to a problem that every Mac user faces - Desktop Clutter. Declutter Pro helps you to create intelligent folders with rules based on file names and extensions so that it can automatically move the files to respective folders on desktop and keep the desktop clean always. We are looking forward to hear your feedback, need your support and love Thanks Suresh
@hisureshg I'd want this for email and texts too.
@nassaraf :) Thats a great idea may be who knows we can think of this to organise emails automatically.