Cleans and organises your files in Mac desktop automatically

Love the idea! But just wanted to mention I have seen a similar app on the AppStore that has the same features but its at a cheaper price of $10. The one thing I will say is that you guys have a really nice layout with playful colors but the overall UI seems a bit to big that it almost makes it tacky since it looks like you guys are pushing the simplicity that it looks not mature. But I will say the color icons is a neat trick that beats the other app since it presents distinction between each folder. I think if you made the overall very sleek and pretty much small, you would have an outstanding application! I hope this does not sound snobby!
@naseem_raad Spot on. UI is a little tacky and feels a bit to fun to be taken as a serious productivity app. Also, $14.99 is about 3x what I think I'd actually pay for this app.
@anodigital @naseem_raad Guess that's why its now on sale for $4.99?
@naseem_raad Thanks so much for your lovely comments Naseem and thanks for taking your time to write it. It means a lot. Thanks for your kind words and yes i agree the price might be little too high. Definitely i will work with my team and work on the price so that it makes every one happy. Its currently on sale for $4.99 . You can also check the new video the guys have made on how it works. Looking forward for your feedback after using the app. I have some redeem codes for App Store and ready to share with some of Product Hunt Guys.
@anodigital @naseem_raad Thanks Brian your suggestion is taken and we are working on the price to make it decent. Currently its priced $4.99
Dear Product Hunters, We Worked hard to bring this wonderful app called Declutter to clean our messy mac desktop. You can try it out and let us know your thoughts. We are happy to hear from you.
Dear Product Hunters i have some redeem codes. I love to share with the Wonderful Community here.
@hisureshg I'd like to give it a go
@babygau HYPHLK7T3PLL
@hisureshg Love using new programs especially ones like yours!
@camerongilroy Awesome Cameron. Please find the Code to redeem LKKW3E6E4FAE
@hisureshg Many thanks, I'm testing and it's been working great so far
We have listened to you and have taken your feedback serious and have reduced the price to $4.99 and now its in MacAppStore for an offer for $1.99 Limited Time.
@hisureshg Just tried to leave a 5-star review, but the app-store won't let you if you redeemed with a code! What the heck?!
@anodigital Thanks so much for trying your best Brain. No problem and we understand the constrains from apple. Thanks a lot for your valuable feedback.
It's cool, but there is no option like in clean to save elsewhere the decluttered folders. Kinda missing it