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Text them your tasks and stay accountable

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I've said this before on PH but like email, text messaging can serve as a great MVP for some products. It requires relatively little tech, easily malleable (you can a/b test, target users with specific messages, etc. manually), and fits within peoples' daily life.
@rrhoover Yep, we've loved using SMS for all those reasons. It also reinforces that you're talking to a real person - vital because our value rests on the human element.
Cool utility! What happens when subscriber breaks their commitment? Possible to make it so "If I don't do [task] by [date], post [embarrassing admission of failure] on my social media accounts" ?
@narekk Yes. We've had people come up all kinds of creative disincentives. One guy made himself do 50 pushups on video after failing one of his goals. Social pressure alone is enough to get most of our users to follow through, so that these serve only as an occasional tool in the toolbox.
I like the concept, but it seems expensive.
@_jacksmith We just lowered the price to $29.99/month for unlimited usage. Your first week is free, and doesn't require a credit card.
@kaydenh I was referring to the $30 price. what did it cost before?
@_jacksmith Yeah I don't have daily need for something like this, it tends more to be a specific project that I need to get started. I used Aaron from StartupLister ( @crixlet )a couple of weeks ago that helped. So $30 for a single accountability moment is pricey. If I needed something daily, I should change my work habits. YMMV
We just pivoted this product into another one! Check it out: :)