Deckset 2

Great-looking slides from simple Markdown files in no time


Write down your thoughts in your favourite text editor, and Deckset will turn them into beautiful presentations. New in 2: Create your own themes.

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  • garrit schaap
    garrit schaapMobile Developer

    I make all my slides with Deckset for the lectures I give at University and this software saved me priceless hours of my life!


    Not for my use case :)

    I've been using Deckset for many years now and have participated in the beta for this version, and I totally love it. Thanks to Deckset I can focus on the content of my lecture and don't have to worry about the design. It just always looks good. In the new Version you can now easily change fonts and colors for better readability on this one special beamer ;).

    garrit schaap has used this product for one year.
  • Justin Jackson
    Justin Jackson⚡️

    Magically creates presentation slides from markdown! The best way to prepare for a talk.


    Not as many options as Powerpoint, but that's what makes it amazing! Deckset forces you to think about your message.

    I've been using Deckset since I found out about in 2015. It allows you to effortlessly create presentation slides from markdown text. My secret weapon when preparing for a talk!

    Justin Jackson has used this product for one year.
  • Matteo Cassese
    Matteo CasseseFounder, Presentation Hero Academy

    Simple, fast, to the point


    A bit of a learning curve to place images

    I'm a happy user of the paid version of Deckset. After using Keynote for more time than I can remember, I've opted for the simplicity of using markdown and having bold text rather than fine control over placement of graphical elements that Keynote will provide.

    My presentations for the last 12 months have all been done either with Deckset (for the screen) or with Google Slides (for collaboration) with super simple templates. If you look at my Slideshare you can tell that wasn't always the case ;-))

    Matteo Cassese has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Making a presentation quickly


    not as powerful as keynote/powerpoint (but it doesn't mean to be)

    It's great for presentation where the knowledge, content you want to share is important mostly. Deckset makes it easy to focus WHAT you want to share and don't distract by details of making something pixel-perfect.

    I think it's very good for developers.

    PS version 2 gives a possibility to customise a templates a bit which is very useful to create presentation with a company brand colors/fonts

    Adam Borek has used this product for one year.
  • Frederico Terenas
    Frederico TerenasBusiness Development at

    Fast, easy, focus-on-content presentation design, very easy to update, improve, customize deliveries as only a markdown file needs editing


    having to "migrate" many ideas/ppts/keynotes to deckset :D

    Great job, v2 with massive improvements, good idea to NOT include an editor (there are hundreds!), some issues with Ulysses as an editor, tend ot think is my old 2.7.2 version

    Frederico Terenas has used this product for one year.
  • Rob Hardy
    Rob HardyWriter, Filmmaker, Company of One

    Now it's both simple AND customizable! I've got so much love for this app.


    The only con was that you couldn't customize styles in the first version.

    Deckset has become one of my favorite apps ever. As someone who writes almost entirely in markdown and who makes a ton of presentations, this app just makes so much sense to me, and it speeds up the creation and design process to a pretty insane degree. Can't recommend it highly enough.

    Rob Hardy has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    focus on the essentials, good code-highlighting, fast creation of slides


    sometimes I missing visual layout options for graphics

    In the past I've mostly used `Keynote` and switched to deckset half a year ago.

    It really reduces the time I spend on making presentations and time is what we all could have more off!

    Konrad Feiler has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    make slides in few time!

    The presentations are are beautiful and you can insert image, video and other stuff in no time.

    use markdown


    You could get issue if you want an exact position for text or image.

    I want iPad version!!!!!

    I was using Deckset since 3 years and I'm a beta tester for this new version, and I tell you that this version is amazing! Beyond the first version's features, now you can customise your presentation, change color, fonts, etc.. only for 1 slide or 2 o 3!

    I think that this application is real fantastic and everyone makes slides and use markdown MUST to try it, you will never come back!!

    Lelio Campanile has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Focus on the text while making your slides, not the design. Dead simple to use. Much quicker than PowerPoint.


    Limited slide layout options.

    I’m a teacher, and I’ve been making presentations for my classes for about two and a half years now. I’ve always felt like Powerpoint was a messy tool for the job. My ideas would inevitably get jumbled as I messed around with the design of the slides before I was finished writing them. A presentation should be logical and straightforward, but with PowerPoint I never felt like I had the ability to *make* the presentation in a logical and straightforward way. Then I found Deckset. With Deckset, not only can you write your slides without worrying about the design; you don’t ever have to worry about the design at all, beyond choosing a theme and deciding what heading style should accompany each line of text. No more resizing text boxes or moving around photos. Instead, you can just focus on the content. Sure, your design options are more limited than with PowerPoint, and in some ways I wish Deckset had more flexibility with slide layout, but their design options get the job done. In fact, it’s made me think that often too much emphasis goes into slide design instead of making the rest of your presentation good. (Just look at the bare-bones simplicity of the slides that accompany an Apple keynote. They don’t even use bullet points). At the end of the day, when I’m making a presentation, I’m going to choose Deckset over PowerPoint 9 times out of 10, because not only does it let me make presentations much quicker, it lets me make them without all the crap that usually accompanies that process.

    Henry Allen has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    No clutter, simple, good looking


    Lack of options to position images/graphics

    This is my go to app to create my classes, I was looking for this for quite sometime. I tried reveal dabbled with beamer but this is much simpler for me and looks better out of the box.

    You work on simple .md text files, at first this might seem backwards but the time you save by not having to go around poking in menus is amazing.

    Wilson Almeida has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Really fast to work with


    A bit limiting

    What I love most is the simplicity. As a teacher I now store all my material as markdown files. And with Deckset it's really easy to transform basic markdown text to really good looking slides in minutes.

    Mattias Hamberg has used this product for one year.
  • Bernardo Amorim
    Bernardo AmorimBernardo Amorim

    Blazing fast. Simple. Make amazing presentation without much work.


    Somewhat "limited", but that is the point.

    I've just bought this app to prepare my presentation for Code BEAM SF and I'm amazed of how simple this makes everything.

    Don't get me wrong, I really like Keynote and PowerPoint, but there are so much options and it's kind of overwhelming.

    Also, one point is that if you want to draw some diagrams, there are actually better tools for the job (even better than PowerPoint or Keynote), so in the end you just have a better tool, because you can just add images you make on a drawing app or photoshop or anything.

    Some improvements I'd like to see:

    Headers vs Texts

    The one thing I'd like to have is the option to customize the header size (I find myself changing between #, ## and ### just to change the look and feel) What I think would be a better approach is to have a consistent header lever hierarchy and then be able to customize the size in each slide. The point with that is that I can focus on content first and worry about the look and feel as the last step (adding highlights to snippets, changing some text sizes and stuff).

    Also, the point is that sometimes you just want a nice big message but it's actually not a "heading", so there is some semantic inconsistencies. But tbh, this is just minor improvement.

    Snippet highlight steps

    Another thing that may be nice is the ability to create build steps (like the one for lists) for snippet highlight. Right now we use the [.highlight: 1, 3-5]. Maybe would be nice to add the option to do something like [.highlight: 1, 3-5; 8-9] to create two slides, the first one with 1, 3, 4 and 5 lines highlighted and the other with 8 and 9 highlighted. That would make it easy to guide people through the code.

    Bernardo Amorim has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Simple, Elegant


    Would love for it to come with an iOS app to use as a clicker.

    I've used Decket for multiple presentations and I'm very happy with it. I recommend it to anybody who wants a simple solution without having to bother too much about formatting.

    David Hart has used this product for one year.
  • Henrik Strindberg
    Henrik StrindbergComposer, teacher

    Simplicity and beauty. Youtube integration


    No iOS app

    Using Deckset for some years now when lecturing about music composition. I'm also a markdown user so it fits perfectly in my workflow and my belief that text files is the future proof way to go.

    Henrik Strindberg has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Lets you focus on the slides and not on the design


    Impossible to export in any format having animated gifs :(

    Have sparingly used Deckset, not for lack of love but lack of presentations. It's the best tool for a good reason: it does not let you tweak the styles (well, 2.0 does, but for me that's like a BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY). I started using v1 because of this: focus on the content, pick a theme that looks good (all look good) and present.

    Only drawback I have is not being able to export my slides with animated gifs (they get exported with a fixed frame, which is good enough for emergencies): some kind of HTML exported presentation (auto-generated using some simple JS framework?) would work great for this use case.

    Rubén Berenguel has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Easy to use.

    Faster to create.

    Simple to learn.

    Elegant result to show.


    You must to know how markdown works ?

    I saw a presentation did with Deckset few months ago and found it was very clear with a nice design. When I understood that the design is doing automatically 

    by the software and the user has just to edit a markdown file, I was seduced. So I tried it recently and I was surprised by this brilliant software. To create a pretty presentation, we are just to edit a markdown file! That’s crazy but they have more in this version 2. We can now customize our presentation in few clicks … and share the style with other users. The wow effect is real.

    Joss has used this product for one month.
  • Curtis Perry
    Curtis PerryEnglish Teacher

    Focused, streamlined, integrated, beautiful


    Can occasionally be a bit finicky wrestling with formatting

    Already I can tell I'll be using this for most of my presentations going forward. I greatly appreciate how this application encourages you to focus on the flow of the presentation by enabling you to never take your hands off the keyboard. The appeal is that you can "write presentations." As a high school teacher it's allowed me to create a greater number of high-quality presentations. It's not the default option, going to Keynote or Pear Deck if I need something that those applications have (mostly Magic Move and interactive questions). Great stuff. Hoping for an iOS app next – it would be amazing to work on a .MD file on my iPhone or iPad and hop over to Deckset to see how it looks! I imagine this could work via Dropbox sync.

    Curtis Perry has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Super simple, and lots of options to choose from! and I can use my favourite editor to make the slides!!



    This app is now my go to presentation tool. I've always had trouble making my presentations look good. The options that are available in Deckset make that part really easy.

    Kevin Pratt has used this product for one month.
  • Tim F. Van der Mensbrugghe
    Tim F. Van der MensbruggheJournalist / writer

    Lets you focus on WHAT you want to say—and say it in the most powerful way.


    Using Deckset is easy, but not that easy that you can use it mindlessly. You have to keep thinking—but that's also a pro, really.

    Deckset is completely text-based, so you don't lose time trying out all kinds of useless animations or distracting lay-outs. That also makes it very fast: keep on typing and you're creating slide after slide after slide. Oh, and the service is as wonderful as the app itself.

    Tim F. Van der Mensbrugghe has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Fast turnaround thanks to context sensitive live preview; helps you concentrate on contents; helps you keeping slides clean and beautiful


    None for my use cases : Short to medium sized presentations;

    Improvement Idea :

    Toggling between documentation/examples and the editor can be tedious for beginners. An integrated editor with snippets to drop in-place would be nice for Deckset 3 :)

    Benjamin Durth has used this product for one year.