Download our free trial version to help you creating amazing PowerPoint decks with DeckRobot add-in for MS PowerPoint in seconds. Our AI automatically applies your corporate style, aligns slide objects, formats fonts, and colors.

Designing professional presentations has never been easier!

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Hey guys! My name is Tony, I'm the founder of DeckRobot. I was a McKinsey consultant and made thousands of slides (I even once spent 40 hours making slides for a client 🤦‍♂️). We applied AI to PowerPoint, so people don't have to waste time on moving bloody textboxes around the slides. Our neural network compares each slide element with previously created in your format. Reinforced learning leaves no room for errors. It teaches itself to design like the best designer. We're really proud of what we've created. And, we'd like to invite you to try our limited public trial for free: You would find that DeckRobot has a ton of benefits: ✅More spare time free from PowerPoint! 🎉 Work on your ideas, not the slides, or just have more sleeping hours 😴 ✅Win more business with faster turnaround for the client’s requests, RFPs, Marketing Materials 🤵 ✅Shine at work with the top-notch Board Documents, Reports, and other internal and external presentation materials ✨ ✅More design ideas for a visual representation of your content 💡 ✅Consistent quality of visual materials and strict compliance with the corporate visual guides 🏢 ✅Quicker update of corporate templates (you just need to upload new templates and all the users will automatically start to have it) 🖼️ Once you have any questions or comments, I and our team are here happy to answer 🙂
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This product has huge potential, especially potential to change the professional services industry.


Great value added product! Fantastic way to focus on the actual idea/ solution/ product, and not waste time on drawing slides.


Scale will refine this product over time, but this is completely normal and natural.

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thank you so much! please let us know if you have any questions
Thanks everyone for your warm comments :) Also here you may check how it actually works live
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Without Deckrobot I would have spent a few days doing the bloody proposal formatting by myself 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’ll give it a try for the next weeks. So far looks like a great help for my small business


Easy to use! I just uploadded a template presentation I found on the web and quickly crafted a proposal deck.


You have to actually find some formatting template/example

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Thank you! Please let me know if we could help in explaining something. P.s. I suggest you use this marketplace for PowerPoint templates or something similar:
Congrats on the launch and good luck today! What are your goals here? Let us know so the PH community can help...
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Hi @pecherskyy , thank you! We want to give away for free our trial version, so people can draw beautiful slides and use our product later if they like it
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