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Doctor-patient billing in real time

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I am one of the founders of Decisive Health. Happy to answer questions anyone may have!
@jyshih22 looks like we can do co-sales with my . Contact me please to alex (at)
Don't you want to know what your medical bills will cost? Decisive Health does that for you before you leave the doctor's office.
Very smart idea, but it seems the US healthcare system forces doctors offices to go back and forth to figure out the actual rate for patients - hence why it takes weeks or months to get a bill. How can you combat that?
@weissben Thank you for the question! We have found that most of the time when the doctor and insurance company have to go back and forth for months is when there are complex pre-authorizations or non-covered services in the bill. We are starting off working with Urgent Care facilities, and the vast majority of the time, they simply get paid the prices they have negotiated with insurance carriers, so it is possible to calculate the patient bill accurately.