Taking the stress out of making plans with friends.

Hello, I’m Craig, one of the founders of Decidz. Really pleased to be on Product Hunt thanks Gareth. We look forward to any feedback from the community. We’ve made a lot of changes to the app over the last few months. We removed heaps of extra features (the phrase putting lipstick on a pig came up a few times last year!) so we could concentrate on the core problem of arranging an adhoc meeting with friends. One of our goals was to have really low friction on boarding (i.e. no email address or anything to start using the product). We have also tried to focus on some of the harder ux flows. I dont think we are there yet but it does feel better then our previous versions. Anyway please contact me if you have any questions or feedback. Thanks, Craig.
@craigp123 Awesome to see you guys on Product Hunt today! Looks like Decidz has come a very long was since we connected a couple years back. Keep up the good work! 🎉
@jakeapeters Thanks for the encouragement Jake. It has been a hard journey for us. Being a bunch of techies we initially ignored the hard UX flows and concentrated on the relatively easy tech stuff. The result was poor so we took the difficult move of taking lots of nice features away so we could get the core flow working. The new product feels better but we still have a long way to go for sure.
@craigp123 for sure! The UX of arranging meetings is one of the reasons we moved on—getting it right's incredibly hard. Totally feel ya about tech being a more exciting part of the problem to work on 🤓
I have a real phobia of group chats. They can be such a time-sucker, and planning a simple meet-up with friends, or a weekend away, can be incredibly painful and slow. I always think that there must be a way for tech to solve this problem, so was pleased to come across Decidz earlier last year. They're based in Edinburgh, Scotland - home to lots of awesome tech companies. Craig's really open to feedback and thoughts, so please share away! 😊
This may actually add some sense to those group chats, in which at least half messages are off topic, and you have to scroll through unnecessary discussion to get to the point where something relevant is discussed. Real nice! How does it integrate with your friend's apps though? Do you have to friend them in this app, or does it take the contacts off your contacts list, or some other way?
@alina_karnaukh - Hi Alina, thanks for the feedback. Regarding getting your friends involved in a decidz event we have tried to make that as flexible as possible. You can just share a generic link to your friends which if they click and have the app installed will take them into the event. If they dont have the app they can interact in the event on our responsive website. Functionality on the website has been stripped down at this stage too so all you can do is interact in an event you are invited to. We hope to change that over the next couple of weeks so you can actually create events, etc without having to use the app. So anyway, its pretty easy by sharing those generic links for you and friends to interact in a decidz event and you can do that without having to provide anything but your name. We want to upsell the requirement for an email address so you can get access to your decidz account from anywhere, etc. I hope that all makes sense and thanks heaps for taking the time to have a look at our product. Cheers, Craig.
@alina_karnaukh Hey, I should have also said decidz can access your contacts too but I know some people are uncomfortable with giving yet another app access to your contacts.
@alina_karnaukh " least half messages are off topic, and you have to scroll through unnecessary discussion to get to the point where something relevant is discussed." 💯🙌
@craigp123 Great, thank you! I will be taking it for a test drive then =)
@alina_karnaukh - great thanks heaps Alina. Please send me any questions or feedback over - it would be greatly appreciated. :)
Craig - Just wondering if you guys had given any thought to iMessage App Extensions on iOS? I just ask, as for me this problem (of organising an event with multiple people attending) usually begins in a message. Would be good to get your thoughts?
@garethkthomas - Hi Gareth. Thanks again for hunting our product :) In regards to iMessage app extensions thats a really good question. We know that one of the issues users have with using our product is that your friends are often already communicating in some other channel such as iMessage, facebook messenger, whatsapp, etc. Trying to drag them out of that channel into a new one often makes no sense and people are not keen. So in answer yes, we are definitely keen to integrate more closely with these products. If we could inject our voting options into these channels that would probably work really well. I know iMessage and facebook messenger support this type of integration to some level but some of the other platforms are still quite closed. This type of functionality is definitely in the pipeline but when we do it probably depends upon further user feedback so we can prioritise accordingly. I hope that answers your question. Thanks, Craig.
@craigp123 That's great, thanks for the reply Craig. I really like how Doodle (and others) work, in that you can just send someone a simple/short URL and they instantly get all the functionality (no signing up, no cross-browser/messenger platform issues, etc.).
@garethkthomas - Hey, the low friction stuff is something we are really keen on. We even plan to make changes to the app so no signup is required at all. We will just ask for a users name as part of the event creation process as before they have created or joined an event we dont even need that info. We have been studying teardowns pretty heavily to understand this area. There are still many apps and sites that kind of want rights to your first born child before you can gain access. Our onboarding is still not completely frictionless but it does feel a lot easier than many other apps I have used when it comes to signing up and starting to use them. Anyway, thanks for the comment and support Gareth.